CHURCH call to conversion

CHURCH call to conversion
The Church is holy and sinful … Holy, based and anchored in the saving and redemptive action of God, One and Triune, Love God, the Holy Only. Holiness supported and encouraged by the Holy Spirit from the beginning to the end of time. Pecadora result of the actions and failures of each of its members, also of ours.
     The whole history of the Church must be must be read from the call to conversion that throws us the gospel to all, recognizing that “the Lord comes to our aid, despite our sinfulness” (Claudia Koll).
Undoubtedly, the Christian life is permanently called to grow and improve. For this reason, proper and specific attitude is to live in conversion. Benedicto XVI said on May 11, 2007: “Christ invites us to respond to evil first of all to a serious examination of conscience and commitment to purify the living itself … The conversion overcomes evil at its root, which is sin, though you can not always avoid its consequences. “
     The conversion reminds us that our benchmark is none other than the “Holy” and our vocation is holiness.
Recognize the call to holiness involves sinfulness in religious experience.
How we know that conversion to Christ is the most effective seed of evil and wickedness to flourish answer!
  He feels that the Church is reeling from the failures, but because of lack of faith, and God calls us to build a more fraternal, supportive and evangelical church.


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